Emergency Pet Food Bank Has Helped Over 1000 Animals in Need

Mobile Storage Rentals x The Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society

Over a year ago, we were happy to provide the Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society with a Mobile Storage Rentals portable container to use for their Emergency Pet Food Bank! The KW Humane Society reached out to us last year, expressing their lack of storage space for emergency supplies donated by the local community. At the beginning of the pandemic, the region of Waterloo created a Pandemic Planning Committee and from that came the Emergency Pet Food Bank. Originally they were able to keep this Food Bank in a warehouse for six months, not knowing how long Covid-19 would last. When the six months were over, they were left with hundreds of pounds of donated food, with nowhere to store it. Without the space to store these donated supplies and animal food, the KW Humane Society would have struggled to find sufficient storage spaces to house these donations. We knew this was an excellent opportunity to show our support for the community by donating a 20ft container with plenty of room to ensure these animals were getting the food, supplies and toys they not only need but deserve! The extra storage space has helped the Humane Society keep the Emergency Pet Food Bank operational for the entire pandemic and assist hundreds of families and pets.

Mobile Storage Rentals is one of nine brands affiliated with Make Space Inc. across Canada. Our Make Space Cares initiative always looks for opportunities to support philanthropic organizations that might benefit from our various services. From donating shipping containers to supporting local food banks, we are just getting started in our mission to make the world a better place by supporting our local communities!

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