This summer, Make Space Storage will be donating $10 for each new storage rental (Portable, Parking, Self-Storage and Onsite service) that occurs from July 1 to August 31. This includes current customers who rent additional and/or new units as well as new tenants who rent more than one service. For example, if a new tenant rents two portable storage units or a parking space and a locker Make Space Storage would donate $20.00. There is nothing required from new tenants to participate in the program as the initiative is designed to enable our customers to contribute to a worthy cause without spending extra money.

In addition, Make Space Storage facilities that have walk-in clientele will also have a station/box set up throughout the duration of the program to collect food items from tenants who wish to donate onsite. Donations will only be accepted during office hours.

Make Space Cares organized our second Annual Summer Food Bank Initiative since the Food Banks across the country are in ever-increasing demand in Canada. With more families needing the support of this important community initiative. Throughout this season, food banks experience a high demand for support and resources since kids are out of school for the summer and families cannot rely on school lunches. For this reason, Make Space Storage is supporting local food banks during this season to help ensure those in need are not hungry during the warmer summer weather.

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